Case Study TV Demonstration

Interactive TV Demonstration150+ media playersAll video content at 4K with rich media contentDynamic pricing information from retailer systemSoundbar & internal audio supported

Summary At a Glance

  • Interactive TV Demonstration
  • 150+ media players
  • All video content at 4K with rich media content
  • Dynamic pricing information from retailer system
  • Soundbar & internal audio supported

Try Every TV Size On for Size

When a large US based retailer needed a better way to experience different TV sizes they turned to Nerdy Bunny to create a scalable solution. By building the experience on the largest TV size in a model, we are able to scale down the video size to closely approximate what the smaller TV sizes would look like. The customer is able to select the size of the TV and the type of content they would like to see in the demonstration. All product specific information is dynamically generated from the retailer’s datacenter and is dynamically updated when a new SKU is on display or pricing changes.

How we Delivered Results

As a result, the customers are able to digitally experience all sizes of a TV while the retailer is able to reduce the demo inventory, thus saving money.

As new SKUs are added, the system dynamically adjusts the content to deliver uptodate information without an employee managing content for hundreds of SKUs. As a result, product updates are faster and have less errors increasing the ROI of the solution.

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