Commonly Asked Questions

What is Nerdy Bunny?

Nerdy Bunny is a Content Management System (CMS) focused on retail interactive solutions. It is designed to provide customers with enhanced experiences in retail locations.

Who is Nerdy Bunny for?

Nerdy Bunny is for both retailers and brands that sell at large retail locations worldwide.

Where does Nerdy Bunny work?

Our software based solutions work anywhere in the world. Also, our customers are able to deploy to multiple regions and monitor their deployment from anywhere.

What kind of support does Nerdy Bunny Provide?

Nerdy Bunny provides support seven (7) days a week. We have different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) based on the needs of a project. Customer support is provided from within the US.

Is Nerdy Bunny secure?

Yes. Nerdy Bunny uses encryption at every stage of our solution. All data for each customer is separate and secure.

Does Nerdy Bunny offer custom solutions for my retail needs?

Yes. Nerdy Bunny works closely with brands and retailers to understand their unique challenges and create a customized solution that addresses their specific goals and requirements.

Does Nerdy Bunny work with partners?

Yes. Nerdy Bunny works with fixture design companies, designers, integrators and retail technology companies to help bring projects to life.

Does the Nerdy Bunny solution integrate with other systems?

Yes. Nerdy Bunny is able to integrate with complex data solutions to automate the data both in and out of the retail experience. Information such as product descriptions, reviews, pricing are all common integration capabilities.